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Advanced Data Analysis in Biology Biol 364 Introduction to the process of data exploration and visualization using state-of-the-art computational techniques. Using “big data” from
public archives or their own research projects, students learn how to rigorously analyze and visualize complex biological datasets. Lab
includes hands-on work with R. More info on GitHub.
Offered Spring Semester
CURE Lab Biol 202 Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Lab is a required course for first-year Biology majors. It provides an authentic research experience for students to design, execute, and interpret their own hypothesis-testing experiments. My section studies the microbiome of bats affected by white-nose syndrome. Offered Fall Semester
Introduction to Molecules and Cells Biol 205 An introductory course which focuses on the molecular biology of cells. Basic biochemical processes, cellular and subcellular structure and function are emphasized. First core course for Biology majors and Cell Biology/Biochemistry Majors. Lab required. No longer offered
Biology of Cancer Biol 304 An advanced biology class covering the cellular and molecular causes and treatments of cancer. An emphasis is placed on fundamental mechanisms of molecular biology, cell biology, and signal transduction. Critical reading and discussion of the scientific literature is also required. No longer offered
Immunology Biol 348 Evolution of innate and adaptive immune defenses. Development and function of the immune system in animals. The immune response in health and disease. Techniques in immunology with a focus on flow cytometry. Lab Required. Now taught by Prof. Chambers
Controversies in Biology Biol 111 Course for first-year students who are not science majors. Lectures introduce students to basic biology and biochemistry in order to better understand controversial topics such as animal research, genetic testing, human cloning, stem cell therapy, and the teaching of creationism. Required weekly discussion sections allow students to apply the principles learned in lecture to explore these topics. No longer offered
Cell Biology Biol 352 Covers biomembranes, cell growth patterns, cell signaling, the cytoskeleton, cell organelles, and microscopic technique. Laboratory includes experience with cell culture. Lab required. Now taught by Prof. Heintzelman